Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UPDATE... (ya can you believe it?)

What's happening in our lives?

Things have been going really well for us.
Our kids are growing like {WEEDS}.
Seriously- Carter, Brooklyn, Boston are getting so BIG.

A little about Carter James

Carter cracks us up as he likes to talk like a "Grown Up".
The other day he said to our friend Russell:
"So Russell, how is your iPad doing? I hear that you
have 3 iPads now..." Russell thought it was so funny.
He likes to talk in a deep voice when speaking to our
friends, or when he is working out in the yard with me
Carter loves playing our iPod touch and playing
with his friends.
He loved going on the "Father's and Sons" camp, and
is a big help when he wants to be. :)

Carter "Graduating from "Pre-School" this year

We celebrated his graduation at the Boise Zoo

Carter and his cousin Ivy

Brooklyn Rae A.K.A "Little Mom"

So Brooklyn is excited to turn 3 in Aug. and is secretly
hoping for her own "Princess" Bike. She loves to copy
everything that Carter does and says, and likes to torment him
with playing the iPod when he wants to.
Brooklyn loves to take care of her {babies}. She is a busy
little mom, who goes to work, school, and the grocery
store all in a "Days work". You must also be careful
not to trip on Ambers "high heel" shoes that are all
over the house due to Brooklyn's infatuation with being
a "MOM".
Brooklyn is our little helper, as she will get us diapers
and watch Boston for us.

Brooklyn making a face

Brooklyn and Carter

Brooklyn and Carter with cousins Ivy and Zack

Carter and Brooklyn at the Circus riding the Ponies

Boston Donald- No longer a baby

It's hard to believe that we have had this little guy in our lives
for a year. He has been such a fun baby/toddler.
When he has his mind on something- there is
no changing it. He is one determined little guy.
We love his happy and fun personality.
So glad that he is a part of our family.

Boston's {Simba} Cake

loving the balloons!!!

Grandma Tami, Brooklyn and Boston

Boston Chilling before church

Amber Rae

I don't know how she does everything she does. She is an
AMAZING wife and mom. I love and appreciate all that
she does for our family. She is a great example to our

Me (Brent)

I have been staying really busy at work. So far this
year work has taken me to: Las Vegas, Alberta (Provincials-short vacation. It was so fun to see family and friends),
Dallas, & Baltimore. I am grateful for my continued employment

CONGRATULATIONS - Terry graduating with his MBA

We are looking forward to our family vacation/reunion to Raymond
Alberta Canada in a few days. We are also excited to a return
trip to {Pirates Cove} in Boulder City Nevada in September. It sounds like my sister Sonia will Cater again this year. She did a great job last year.

Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove at night. Really AMAZING

Well that's all I have right now. We will try and update this after our trip to Canada.

The coppieters gang


amber said...

Thanks for updating this thing babe!!!! I sure love you! Great post of the kiddies.

Mindi said...

Wow, it sure has been FOREVER since you guys posted, your baby isn't a baby anymore! I hope to see you guys up here. I'm here til the 5th!

Shel said...

Great update... I love catching up on your adorable family. Hope you have a great time in Canada for the 1st.. I'll be thinking of you.. It would be so fun to see all of you and all those cute kids & parents.